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Oval Dome

Oval Recessed Ceiling Domes

Petra decorative ceiling domes add style and depth wether its in you're living area, hotel lobby or bedroom. Our wide variety of designs and texture make our domes perfect to any area. Petra Design offers custom domes in any size, as simple or ornate as desired.

Why GRG, Glass Reinforced Gypsum

Ceiling domes can be the masterpiece of your home or building, each dome is unique, and GRG offers many options to enhance this. Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum offers a clean, professional and seamless finish for your oval ceiling dome, GRG is available with both smooth and textured finishes. It is paint grade finish, which means that your dome is ready to lightly sand and apply primer and finish cots after installation. The smooth quality surface provides and ideas base for paint and other finishes. The wide variety of stunning finishes available helps your dome to achieve the desired affect.

GRG oval domes are thin and light weight, easy to install, GRG oval domes come in different size and finishes. GRG domes are perfect for any custom design, oval dome are just example of what Petra Design offer.