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Coffered Dome

Coffered domes are made by overlapping a web of crossed supports to create a series of recessed areas. These coffers are usually shaped as squares, rectangles, or octagons. Petra design coffered domes vary in size mass and design.

These coffered domes come plain or ornamental using Petra Design ornaments and our large selection of design mouldings. Petra design coffered domes come in different material to suite architects and designers need. Fiberglass dome, GRG dome are just example of what petra design offer.

Why use GRG for your Interior Coffered Decorative Ceiling Dome

GRG coffered domes are most used for interior decorative ceiling domes, these GRG decorative coffered domes are thin and lightweight, requiring little or no additional structural support, easy to install, and environmentally friendly. These coffered domes can accented with GRG mouldings, columns, light coves and more.

Petra design coffered domes come in beautiful designs and finishes to provide for you the look you need.