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Architectural Columns

Petra Design Architectural columns provide a classic and unique addition to home or commercial projects. In Interior Projects, wether it is your home, hotel, restaurant, church, or mosque, we provide the best selection of interior columns to incorporate into your interior space. We offer both architecturally correct columns, as well as columns in custom highlights and diameters. Our architectural columns include Tuscan, Ionic, and Corinthian columns.Tuscan and Ionic columns are classic and simple while Corinthian columns contain richer textures characterized by the ornate capitals, which use stylized acanthus leaves. The Ionic capital is considered the most elegant of the three orders. 

While these architectural columns are perfect to fill any space with classic elegant appeal, our custom decorative columns also add more flexibility to your design.Our column selections include fluted, non-fluted, tapered, or non-tapered styles, with a range of sizes and different materials to suit your needs.