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A garden, like any space, can be enhanced by using various ornamental and practical pieces. An attractive way to complement a gardenís features is by using a Stone Vases. Stone Vases are simple, elegant additions that can bring a timeless look to any garden space large or small.

††stone vases is a decorative container for growing flowers or ornamental plants used for garden enhancement and decoration. Stone Vases come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs. Stone vases can be used in any space both indoors and outdoors, however they are most commonly found in gardens.

stone vases are primarily made from cast stone. Cast stone is a highly durable and versatile material. It is made from a mixture of fine coarse aggregates, Portland cement, mineral oxide colour pigments, chemical admixtures and water. Cast Stone provides a natural stone look without the need of finishes. Cast stone is also very strong, and can withstand the wear and tear of time. Cast stone vases are available in virtually any color, and will give the appearance of a plethora of natural building stones including, but not limited to lime stoasesne, granite, slate and marble.

Stone vases come in a wide variety of shapes and designs to suit your garden. Stone vases can be tall, or short, curved or square, thin or wide. The versatility of cast stone and the practicality of a planter provide an endless amount of possibilities for any space.

Weather you will place you vases at an entryway to make a statement, or line them by your poolside garden, there is a Stone Planter for you.

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