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Exterior Domes

Petra Design is the leader in Architectural Fiberglass (FRP) and GFRC exterior domes, Petra Design's architectural domes are used in commercial, religious, government buildings, hotels, and even houses.

Petra design's exterior domes comes in different styles, textures, and colours . We can also custom design your exterior dome, to suit your need.

Petra Design offer hemisphere domes and onion domes. The hemisphere dome is half of sphere where the hight of the dome is half of the diameter, on the other hand the onion dome is resemble more than half the sphere, it's wider in the middle and narrow in the top to a point , they are most common used in mosques and minarets.

Petra design's domes consist of pie shaped sections that bolt together at the job site. After the FRP dome is assembled it can be lifted with a crane as one unit. When placed on the building structure it only needs to be bolted down to the structure. General contract workers are frequently easily assemble and install our fiberglass an GFRC domes.

Interior domes can also be manufactured and incorporated with exterior domes, by having interior dome and exterior dome This allows for insulation of the cavity between the interior and the exterior dome shells.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Domes

Fiberglass domes are one of the best options for exterior domes, exterior fiberglass domes are not only strong,weather-resistant, but also light weight which means they will not put extra weight on the building, fiberglass domes also will not rust or rut, and they are available in different styles, textures, and colours.

Glass Fiber Concrete Domes | GFRC Domes

GFRC domes are also light weight, GFRC domes have the beauty of concrete without the weight that is because GFRC domes reinforced with fibreglass instead of steel.